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Dental Month

It’s that time of the year, DENTAL MONTH! Did you know that animal oral care is just as important as your own? Like humans, our pets need routine oral hygiene to reduce plaque build-up. Within 24 hours, soft plaque will harden into tartar, leading to periodontal disease.

What is periodontal disease you ask?

Periodontal disease is a painful condition in the mouth caused by plaque, tartar, gingivitis, infection, and tooth decay. It is estimated that, by the age of 2 years old, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease.  Over time the infection within the mouth will affect the internal organs of your pet (heart, liver, kidneys) and degrading them over time. By practicing preventative medicine we can improve the quality of life, and increase the life span of our furry friends!  

How do I know my pet has periodontal disease?

During the month of February and March please bring your companion on in for a complimentary dental appointment ! (Savings of 79.95) This allows Dr. Kodsy to examine your pet’s mouth for signs of disease. From here we can recommend if a professional dental cleaning is needed, and how slow down progression of dental disease in the future.

Meet one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians to explain tooth brushing, safe dental toys and treats as well as water additives to keep your pets mouth healthy and happy! We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth on a daily basis, starting at a young age, to slow down the plaque progression into tartar. Even with tooth brushing and regular oral health care it is recommended to have a professional dental cleaning on a regular basis to keep periodontal disease to a minimum.

Dr. Kodsy recommended a dental cleaning. Now what?

During our dental month promotion we are offering 20% discount on any dental procedures, as well as complimentary bag of dental food (Hills Prescription T/D)! Once we have gone over the estimate with you, we will book a surgery appointment. You will drop your pet off in the morning between 8:30-9:00 am. Make sure to fast them overnight! In the morning Dr. Kodsy will do a preliminary examination, as well as blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for a general anesthetic. At this point your pet will be sedated and anesthetized for the procedure. We place an IV catheter to administer medications and IV fluids throughout the procedure. Your pet will be monitored by a highly trained Registered Veterinary Technician during the anesthesia to ensure safety.  Each tooth is scaled, polished, charted for any abnormalities, as well as radiographed to ensure there are no concerns hiding under the gums. At this point, any teeth that are infected, damaged or causing your pet pain will be removed.

 Once you bring your furry friend home, you will notice their kisses smelling fresh. Often we hear of an overall increase in energy and happiness after painful teeth have been removed. Our pets can tell the difference! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s oral health, please feel free to call us at 905-655-7722.

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